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Getting intercultural in Chisinau

Amazing inter-cultural experience with 20 students from all over Europe and volunteers from AEGEE Chisinau!
On 26th of July during a 2-hours little touring guide through the center of Chisinau, we had the chance to visit the highlights of it and to take a closer view of what this city represents. I thank for giving me this wonderful opportunity to Elenita, who is a staff member of "Check-in in Moldova" event.

By the way, AEGEE is a non-profit organization, present in almost 200 universities in 40 countries in Europe. Students are organizing intercultural events, promote the participation of youth in the society and break stereotypes and barriers through communication and involvement.

So, let's get started! (all photos from personal archive - (c) panu4i)

1. The Metropolitan Cathedral "Nativity of the Lord" built in 1830-1836 by Avraam Melnikov. It's not only the heart of Chisinau, but also of the whole country. During the Soviet time the church was closed in it's original purpose and used only as space for exhibitions.

Right in front of the Cathedral a beautiful, tall Belfry (bell tower) is situated. Built also in 1830's, but completely destroyed in 1960's during USSR. Both, the Cathedral and the Bell tower were returned to service of people after 1990's.

2. Government of Republic of Moldova, as many others buildings from Chisinau was built in the Sovit time in 1964 by the architect S. Fridlin in the form of P (Russian: П). 

3. Chisinau's City Hall / Primăria was built at the end of XIXth century in a neoclassic style with gotic elements. 


4. Central Post.

5. Organ Hall.

6. National Theater Mihai Eminescu.

7. National Palace

8. National Library.

9. National Museum of History and Archeology.

10. National Park "Stefan cel Mare" and the Monument of Stefan cel Mare


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