marți, 3 septembrie 2013

its all about Scouting

Scouting is an alternative educational method for children and youth. It provides activities, ways and a proper atmosphere to develop youths cognitive, emotional and even physical skills.
My history in scouting began way back in 2001, when my father called me suddenly one after-noon and told me to pack my things, as tomorrow I am going in a camp. I thought to myself  "this must be cool", but in the same time having zero ideas at that time, what was actually scouting about. 
From that day in june passed allready 12 years. 12 years of great moments, great time together with awesome people, some of them good friends already now and interesting challenges. And this is not only about wearing the scarf and the uniform - this is about getting sincerely involved in what you do and remaining consequent in all your actions...

to be continued.

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