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Friendship in walking shoes - National Scout Association of Moldova and Graue Jungenschaft

Usually it’s very difficult to describe what friendship is. You have to live those emotions and situations after what you can name some certain experiences with this meaningful word – friendship.
This experience totally overcame our expectations. All the plans started with some apparently simply words: “it would be great that some Moldovan scouts could visit us in Germany”. Any explanations needed so far? Ok.
It wasn’t a project, seminar or some kind of official conference, but I think the impact and results of this event could be more efficient than in comparison to the events listed above. It is a 14-days visit in Germany that helped us in discovering a new culture, ourselves as scouts and people.
The period between 17.04.11 and 04.05.11 will remain in our memories as one of the biggest challenges given through scouting and a two years lasting deep friendship.
Graue Jungenschaft, represented by 15 men visited Moldova first time in summer of 2009 during the III National Jamboree. A good base for a future collaboration was made in those short 3 days. Short, but qualitative. In summer of 2010, Graue Jungenschaft is visiting Moldova again: for one week this time and with some new scout friends from Saarland, Germany. At that time, National Scout Association of Moldova was in charge for organizing the Second Eurasia Regional Jamboree. So, our friends from Germany perfectly completed the multi-cultural big scout event. Trips to Tipova, boat-trip, local camp activities and evening fires made the connection between Moldovan scouts and German young boys even stronger.
After coming back home our friends decided to organize something interesting in order to maintain the future collaboration. So, a visit in Germany for 2 weeks for 15 scouts of NSAM started to be planned: two weeks for exploring a new culture and country, finding out new things about scouting and having some interesting and nice time with good friends.
“Freundschaft in Wanderschuhen” (“Friendship in walking shoes”) – 17.04.11 – 04.05.11 is an intensive 2 weeks program which we had the opportunity to take part in. it’s just amazing how some things start from a sincere will to give new opportunities, to help and to maintain what was once good began.

Alexandra Vlas: “I was very much impressed by the cleanliness, forests and the nature of Germany. The boat trip and girls crew which showed a lot of courage in leading the sailing boat totally amazed me by being a new experience, I tried it for the first time in my life. I was also impressed by German big cities we have visited and by our friends which are trying to make all possible to make these days unforgettable”.

Tatiana Capsa: “I liked very much the old architecture of the castles where we spent a good part of the time. “History trekking” was very lively and interesting organized. I was amazed by the way of life here (how clean and organized everything around is). Our friends are intelligent and always ready to help you”.

Mihai Teterea: “I liked very much the friendly way we all were welcomed. I liked the whole program and the way how we got to each new and challenging place. I was amazed by the boat trip and people that were there. I like everything: the air, the smell. It’s difficult to express my impressions in words…”.

During only 14 days we had the opportunity to visit big cities and regions like: Frankfurt, Hamburg, Eckernförde, Balduinstein, Köln, Trier, Luxembourg, Brussel, St. Goar, Bad Ems, Limburg. The program, although intensive, but very interesting offered us the possibility to discover new local traditions and customs, also while visiting the Archive of German Young Movement we found out many new things how scouting and other youth groups appeared and developed themselves in time. Our friends organized everything very well and the friendly, warm atmosphere dominated during all activities. We also had a good opportunity to promote our national culture and traditions during the Moldovan evenings in Balduinstein and Luxembourg. Singing in front of a 300 scout audience was also something new for us. We sang 2 national songs and were very friendly welcomed by the audience in St. Goar at the Singewettstreit 2011.
 We want to thank very much our friends from Graue Jungenschaft for giving us the opportunity to take part in such an unique event: intercultural event which enriched ourselves as people, scouts and friends. Intercultural event which showed that despite of language or some other minor barriers, friendship and positive interaction is possible. And maybe exactly with the help of such unofficial events is possible to make us and a little part of our surrounding better than yesterday, by seeing things larger, brighter and more friendly.
MANY THANKS TO: Hajü, Jürgen, Wanja, Dirk, Tommi, Milena, Jürgen, Martin, Dennis, Andre, Jan-David, Lutz, Stephan, Phillip, Claudia, Benni, Jonas, Jegor, Birger, Till, Cillian, Marie, Kathrin, Julia, Jens, Jan, Sven, Marina, Frans, Markus, Barbara and to all who have contributed in order to make this trip possible, MULTUMIM pentru multe experiente noi si de neuitat!

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Lex spunea...

This picture is from Jugendburg Ludwigstein but you don't mention it in the text. I was there! Too bad no one bothered to tell you to meet with the two USA Scouts that were there at this time (the usually forget to include us in things...). But I will go to Chisinau for Christmas and hopefully have a second chance to meet more Moldova Scouts! :)

Elle spunea...

Yes, I didn't mention because I knew you will do it ;-)
How are the preparations for the trip so far? And yes you'll meet more moldavian scouts in Chisinau! Bis Bald, Alex!