miercuri, 29 decembrie 2010

Moldova for beginners

Not so many people abroad know about Moldova. No european official media is writing or making reportages on topics about Republic of Moldova. Still during last decade more and more people get to know about this little country, some of them even planing come-backing visits here.


1. Chişinău is the capital of Moldova. It's a city situated in the middle of country with a population of round 800.000 people.

2. Moldova has a population of 4,3 million people. But because of massive migration processes at the moment there are about 3,5 million people.

3. Moldova is multi-cultural. On the territory of the country live the following ethnic groups: moldovans - 64,5%, ukranians - 13,8%, russians - 13%, gagauzi - 3,5% and bulgarians - 2%.

4. Mileştii Mici - are the largest underground winery cellers which won in 2008 a Guiness Record (55 km).

5. Pupils and students get marks from 1 to 10. 10 is the best. Not 1.

6. Russian is a fluently speaking language by 90% of moldovans. There are also schools for russian speaking population.

7. One strange thing to meet in Moldova - officialy the declared language is Moldovan, in reality it is actually Romanian. its about politics, interests and soviet union here.

8. Mămăliga - is a traditional dish in Moldova. It's made of corn flour and is usually served with beaf or pork meat, salted cheese and sour cream.

9. Grapes growing in Moldova is a century-old tradition.

10. Moldova is not part of EU yet. It's a long road till that moment...

PS Aaand it's better ONE time to see, than 100 times to hear. So, Welcome to Moldova!
PSS To be continued...

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