duminică, 17 octombrie 2010

25 things about me 2008 version

1. I went to school and started to dance when I was 5.
2. Dad and mom are my best friends.
3. I try to use all the chances to walk on foot: from Uni back home, after my german classes.
4. Half a year ago I finished a relationship that lasted almost 4 years. Now, a lot of my principles and values are reviewed. I'm trying to believe in love again.
5. I spent all my childhood in a small town from south of our Republic – Cahul. And it was the best time of my life.
6. When I was born everybody in my family were shocked: they were all expecting for the second boy, but..
7. When I'm nervous, I need only 15 minutes to play my favorite Moonlight by Beethoven.. and I'm back.
8. Things I have done for the first time in 2008: played bowling, met 20 pairs of twins, graduated, swimmed alone untill the allowed sign (pina la «buiok» :), started finally cooking: serious food.
9. Theater is my favorite place to visit. 15 times in the last year.
10. I can't imagine my life without sport: skating, dancing, swimming, running, tennis, voleyball.
11. My dream is to travel all over our little country and to meet new people.
12. Master and Margarita is my favorite book.
13. «Dead souls» by Gogol is the last book I have read.
14. I'm a t.A.T.u fan for 7 years. Thanks to these 2 russian girls I realized that sooner or later dreams come true.
15. I love when people around are simple.
16. I strongly believe that faith is inside of us. It's more important what you do and say everyday rather than how many times you went to church.
17. Another dream of mine is to meet Ion Druta.
18. Besides my closest relatives, one person has an influence on me: She is 70 years old and lives in Crimeea (Ucraine).
19. My only one work experience was at a summer camp in 2007. I love a lot dealing and working with kids.
20. In 2005 I have choose to study Psychology and during all these years I felt no regrets about that .
21. Favorite motto: Bine faci, bine găseşti/Do good things, and you will find good.
22. I prefer taking pictures rather than being in the role of the model.
23. Favorite actress: Anjelina Jolie. I think Wanted and Changeling are great movies.
24. I find this little exercise very useful: firstly for ourselves and secondly for our friends, who can find out new things about us.
25. While writing this facts I was listening Studio One's latest album.

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