sâmbătă, 4 septembrie 2010

it's 2 and 2 and it's great.
you travel, meet new interesting people, create and get impressions. you entered a new stage in life. you are creative, ambitious and active.
it's 2 and 2 and it's great.
i missed this feeling more than 2 years. it is. No. or maybe it's not yet? love gives you power and makes you optimistic, with a large smile on your face almost all the time. maybe the best point. oh, and it's very good. and you're free to love. you have ideas, plans, dreams but the most important is that you have time to think and organize everything.
last system is called "mom and dad". you're free now from an important system, ready in some instances to free yourself from one more not less relevant, vital system very soon. you look in the future and your're unsure and uncertain but it's temporary, time and experience will arrange everything. it's 2 and 2 and it's great!

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