miercuri, 10 iunie 2009

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My father told me once that a good product does not need an expensive advertising in order to be promoted. If it really deserves to be in top, it must meet one simple condition: to be asked by people (again and again). Oh, how actual this rule is when speaking about the movie industry nowadays.
Unfortunatly today mass-media feeds us with some well-prepared and well-paid images, that often are cheap, or even silly. Everything that indeed has to be valued remains behind the scene and is almost never discovered. Almost is the key-word. But still, we get influenced by promoted and advertised stuff and non volens even have to accept some of them.

In the last 2 years, relatively recently, thanks to special organized german movie evenings, I have discovered couple of nice movies, made by germans. Movies, that I really enjoyed watching and wich I (highly) recommend to my friends.

1. Auf der andere Seite
2. Reise der Hoffnung
3. Blechtstrommel
4. Im Juli
5. Das Experiment
6. Lola rennt
7. Die Welle
8. Good bye Lenin!

Vor kurzem/recent:

1. Männerpension
2. Der Krieger und die Kaiserin
3. Keinohrhasen

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Alex spunea...

"Good bye Lenin" is only #8? You must be kidding me! I think it is one of the best movies ever, and certainly the best one in this list (from the ones I've seen).

Here is what I can recommend:
Das Leben anderen, and Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei.

I'm afraid I have to disagree with your father. In a perfect world - yes. But today, when our society is so influenced by advertising and fashion, competitors with better marketing will outperform companies with better products but poor marketing. [this is first hand feedback]

panu4i spunea...

Actual my intention wasn't to make a ranking list or a top list with the best movies i have saw during that evenings. I just mentioned them.
Yes. Good Bye Lenin is a strong movie, but I still give it the second place, according the first place to the movie based on Guenter Grass's brilliant work Blechtstrommel.

Thanks for the sugestions.

I think your argument is the problem - the influence of advertising. Also a big problem is WHAT exacty is being promoted.
You gave a more general example, maybe for those companies for whom advertising it's the final purpose. I refered myself to a particularly field: movies, where the main is the quality of product itself als the promotion campagne.