marți, 28 aprilie 2009


and you were always there when I needed.
now we're strangers.
it was difficult. very.
what is going on today??? Even the song playing on radio is "our".
in the past our.
i would be happy if I could delete some of my memories leaving instead
a blank space..
although this experience was nice and now helped me to become MYSELF.
unfortunatly I have learned a lot on my mistakes.
but, THANK U.
thank u for all 1095 days.

life goes on.
in the last 9 months I have met a lot of wonderful people.
it's like to open the eyes and see what's happening arround.
for real.
it's like learning again to deal with new persons.
especially with boys. and it ain't that easy.
i must recognize i'm bad in this.
everything is alive, beautiful and optimistic.

3 comentarii:

Alex spunea...

This thing is not so citsimisep.

Not that I think everything else is not of a great importance, but how do you know there were precisely 1095 days?

Irina spunea...

Of course it's not so ptisimseic.
The article's last word was optimistic :)

how do I know for sure?
well, it's not so difficult to count the days of three years.

Alex spunea...

Aha, I see. "3 years" sounds longer than "1095 days".

I thought that was the exact number of days, so you knew precisely when it started and when it ended.

Usually it is difficult to tell when it started, and even more difficult to tell when it ended (I mean, not when it was made official, but when the actual fracture took place).