joi, 8 ianuarie 2009

Something interesting

Today English language is considered one of the most popular languages in the world. We can call it a by default foreign language in many countries. It's modern to watch a movie in original and also to use some English words in our every day speaking. It's like in the past, when French was so popular and French words were used in people's speeches, so that they seem highly educated and they apparently come from an elite society.
But, returning to English. There are some words that are less known for those whom English is the second language, because these are specific for particular professions, occupations or ways of life. These words are known as slangs. For instance, I personally don't understand them in different situations.
Here are some examples of them:

bread, beans = money
cooler = jail
dude = male
flick = movie
geeky = oldfashioned person, but who earns a lot of money. An interesting example is proposed - Bill Gates is a geeky :))
goof = silly, foolish person
goof (2) = mistake
goofing off = wasting time
grand = one thousand dollars
icky = unpleasant
ivories = teeth
in a jam = beeing in (or having) a trouble
grabbers = hands
making waves = causing problems
pissed off = angry, upset
a riot = very funny
rocking = something great!

Would you add something to this list?

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