duminică, 9 noiembrie 2008

Conflicts are parts of our lives

In our lives every day we have to face different situations: some of them are pleasant, other less. Less pleasant situations are manifested in the form of conflict situations. Usually when we hear this word ("conflict"), we rather think about a distructive situation between 2 or more persons, or even a fight that appeared. We tend to believe that conflict can only as something negative analyzed, therefore we must avoid it. Of course conflict includes a state of internal tension and of course it can destroy our relationships with others, but it depends from what point of view we analyze these situations.
Today researchers support that conflict has a positiv role in - and here is the paradoxal moment - in solving conflicts. Indeed, through conflicts we can:

- promote new ideas
- prevent stagnation
- develop our motivation to resolve problems
- stimulate our interests and creativity
- realise and be aware of our true feelings, needs, views
- encourage the examination of our problems
- be a sourse, in order to change or to transform our behavior or others point of view

So, it's important to know that we are different. Each of us has it's own opinion, visions and needs. Conflicts can help us to highlight these differences, also with the help of discussions to accept them.

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