duminică, 19 octombrie 2008

Departure thoughts

Today I took a look to my friends list in facebook and I was surprised, unfortunatly not in the positive part... A good number of my friends have thier status linked with different cities from all over the world. No Chisinau to observe. Of course it was not a new finding for me, but I felt like really touched by this. There are gone to find new jobs, to study in european conditions, finally there are gone to begin new lives. They say they are dissapointed by the present situation here. Suddenly for me, I started also to think about going in a foreign country. My father was against that, but in the last time he seemed to accept the idea. Indeed, it's very difficult to be a young speciliast in our country. Even if the leadership says that supports the youth and offers chances in order to integrate them in the social life. Earlier, I was very optimist, I had many ideas but for now it all have changed a bit. We'll see! still remaining positive and optimistic, but with some realistic aspects...

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