marți, 21 octombrie 2008

Aaaand everybody is happy! :)

Even if you don't have a reason to smile or to be happy for this day, you still have to do it, because today t.A.T.u's new album was released. I'm also happy, as well as a lot of fans, because we have been waited for this album 3 years (!!!). I wrote about that a bit earlier, about the included tracks, about the cover of the album, and by the way there is a change :) they took away the black square and put the normal photo with an astronaut. Unfortunatly it will take a little time for me to listen the whole album, but it's ok for now to have this at least:, where you can listen 2 minutes from some songs. The fans from forum are very excited, and indeed everybody is, cause it have taken a while to release this new album. I liked especially the song: Running blind, here are the lyrics for this song, wich I liked very much:

Reaching for you
I know you're out there somewhere
It's too dark, I'm so cold
I knew I had to come here

Every broken dream
That I leave behind
Keeps me going on
Keeps me running blind

Calling your name I hear only echoes
Searching the name I see only shadows
You've got to show me your face
Voices, I hear them calling behind me
Phantoms are burning inside me
You've got to give me a sign

Fading slowly
You're drifting into darkness
I can't see, I can't think
I need to keep on searching

Every memory
Every thought of you
Is inside of me
Tells me what to do


Can you hear me?
Am I only wating time?
Are you near me?
Are you only in my mind?
Are you, are you?

Let's hope this songs will be apreciated by the audience and let's hope t.A.T.u will organize big, beautiful shows during the tours! Good luck!

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